Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feine Erdbeer Torte...Strawberry Cake from Dr.Oekter


  1. Hi Rachel.

    Where can you buy Dr Oetker packets in Melbourne?

    We've had a couple of the custards and they are really good, but we can't find them any more. My mum's even had to bribe a Swiss work colleague to bring some back from Switzerland!


  2. Hi Simon
    I can't find any Dr Oetker products in Melbourne in English or German, I found a couple in polish stores, but they don't translate and I don't speak or read polish...I use RUF products which I've found at most Deli's and also SCHWARTAU favorite Deli for great things is called Mothers Pantry in Moonee Ponds...their is also this website that has some dutch products...Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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